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Ph.D., Chemical Physics Program, University of Maryland, 1970, Physics
B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964, Chemistry


I am interested in the study of atmospheric dynamics with ground-based remote sensing techniques that can observe the winds, temperature, and density of the upper atmosphere. This area is an important part of the disciplinary topic called aeronomy (physics and chemistry of the upper atmosphere). There are several particular optical instruments that I use to carry out these studies with the help of students and colleagues: the Fabry-Perot interferometer (FPI), the all sky imaging photometer(ASIP), and the Rayleigh lidar.

An important research focus for me is the study of the electrodynamics of the auroral thermosphere through measurements of the neutral winds above 200 km with a network of three FPI observatories located in central Alaska at Poker Flat, Fort Yukon, and Eagle. This activity is designated as part of the research theme "Space Weather" in which we seek to improve our capability to predict the behavior of the ionospheric plasma, especially for the auroral region in conjunction with the PFISR radar system. With the common volume measurements of thermospheric winds that we can achieve with this network, it is possible to determine the vorticity and divergence of the thermospheric flow over central Alaska. The aim of this analysis would be to determine the response of the flow circulation properties to changes in the auroral precipitation and Joule heating that occur in an auroral substorm

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